UNA Research on the ground

We just launched the UNA – women on the ground initiative – with the Formation of a new Study Forum focusing on the prime requirement raised at the our visit during the field trip 2019.

Meet the four female team leaders who are going to conduct interviews with women and girls in Kumbalanghi to investigate their most urgent needs and challenges.


Our questionnaire has been handed over and we are eager to receive the first results from women on the ground.

Update October 27, 2019

BIG thank you to our four local team leaders for interviewing and collecting all questionnaires within just one week! We will now scrutinize and sort the streams which women and girls need most support with, in order to co-devolp effective strategies with them and to advance this pilot project together! #unaforwomen

For more information please contact the Head of UNA in India, Jeny@unaforwomen.org.

Update November 2019 – results.

The collected sets of data has been assessed and the results are devastating.

The data shows that a total of 58% of women and girls, interviewed in Kumbalangi, Kerala last month, declared that their number one barrier in life, in achieving their goals, is fear. Fear of being bullied, being laughed at, being exposed to violence.

50% of the women stated that they lack self confidence and clear career guidance in order to feel empowered to achieve their educational and professional goals. We need to change this, now! Women have to be able to feel confident and need to receive the necessary guidance to empower themselves to thrive and fully explore their potential.

December 2019

UNA offers first workshop in Kumbalanghi to address some of the most urgent needs and challenges. UNA together with our highly skilled partners of SHE forum traveled to Kumbalanghi to launch the “You Are Powerful” project – as a first step we will be conducting workshops focusing on shattering of fear and empowering girls and women to believe in themselves, with positive, confident, powerful vibes!