May 25, 2020

Women’s right in times of Corona

UNAforWomen and MINA Foundation are very happy to announce their first collaborative project to support young female students in Dar-es-Salaam this week. For the very first […]

UNA can do so much to improve the lives of women and girls, and you can help make a difference!

About UNA for Women

Why we help

Women and girls in India need our support and protection, today more than ever. Violence against women remains a prevalent phenomenon, with new forms of violence, such as gender based violence online, increasingly appearing.

Our history

UNAforWomen started 15 years ago with a women empowerment unit at a charity for unemployed teenagers. Today UNAforWomen is located in Vienna, Austria and Cochin, Kerala and conducts regular human rights trainings for and life-saving surgeries on women and girls.


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