Women’s right in times of Corona

    UNAforWomen and MINA Foundation are very happy to announce their first collaborative project to support young female students in Dar-es-Salaam this week. For the very first time, both charities joined forces to deliver menstrual cups and workshops to girls in need, providing them with practical training and the actual products that will help them stay healthy and safe, while being able to attend school and move freely, both in- and outside their homes. 

    The current Corona crisis has added additional challenges to everyone around the globe, yet women and girls are suffering disproportionally: „Women’s Rights are Human Rights and periods do not lockdown! The Mina Foundation is proud to partner with Unaforwomen in Tanzania during this pandemic by distributing Mina menstrual cups to vulnerable communities through online awareness and education.“ says Zaakira Mahomed, Founding member and Chairperson of MINA Foundation from South Africa.

    Why distribute menstrual cups?

    A lot of young women and girls in Tanzania are not able to move freely during the period of their menstruation. They often cannot afford pads, so they use products that do not fit hygienic or health conditions to hide their physical condition and are subsequently feeling ashamed. Ashura Kayupayupa, Head of UNA Tanzania explains: „The menstruation period is a natural process of a female body rejuvenating every month. It should not be a cause of shame, humiliation, or an obstacle to a woman’s life. Evidence shows that, several girls in East Africa miss schools for a few days each month because of the period. Why should girls miss school for undergoing a natural biological process? UNA for Women wants to ensure that no girl misses school because of the period (period!).“

    UNAforWomen has been working in India and Mexico to support women and girls in need and has recently opened its first training program in Dar-es-Salaam.

    Daniela Pichler, Chairwoman of UNA international is very pleased about the rollout of the first project in Tanzania in partnership with MINA: „When women get together, they can create change, positive change for themselves and their families, their communities and ultimately the planet we live on. Women are leaders, and UNAforWomen is there to assist them in finding their true calling. We empower and we lead, and together with women around the globe we make this world a better place.“


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